HomeShiftingWale enhances the capabilities of customers by giving all possible solutions regarding packing and shifting of goods. We make sure that the valuables or customers possessions must come out of the boxes in good shape and condition. We make the moving job easier by packing small items in larger boxes and thus avoiding them from breaking.

We place the heavier items at the bottom of boxes and lighter ones at the top. We make a balance in the truck in such a way by packing heavier boxes first towards the front of the truck for better driving. Our movers keep all possible efforts ongoing by filling empty spaces in the boxes using some clothing, towels or packing paper and make the boxes balanced.

Our movers avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box to make packing easier and quicker. The labeling of each box is done with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents by a black marker. Pictures are wrapped in bubble wrap and they are put into the frame box with the cardboard piece.

Our team bundles all the breakables together and the bowls together are placed inside one another by placing a paper in between them. Our team labels each box with a number and keeps the corresponding checklist for easy reference. Our team itself make some organizing goal to accomplish shifting tasks clearly for the new home. 

We add accountability and achieve realistic goals regarding shifting by setting a timeframe for the unpacking. We use down floor runners, covering railings and doors, and putting down floorboard if we’re moving heavy appliances. Our team uses the versatile and qualitative materials for packing goods and for giving them a high level of protection. 

HomeShiftingWale labels boxes on its sides, not on the top because top may be covered by other boxes. We cut down the total moving costs anyhow through our affordable services. Our team formulates strategies in advance prior to the moving day and forecast all the measures required to accomplish shifting goods effectively.