HomeShiftingWale makes the shifting and packing process easier using their ideal services. To get rid of all the relocation obstacles we provide the most reliable and damage free services. As transporting goods from one location to other requires a lot of planning, skill, time, efforts so our team removes all stress related to moving with their team efforts.

We set aside the stuff that is of no more use now or that needs to be sold. We select the right moving day when all the family members are comfortable. Our team prepares a to-do-list that make sure that all the steps are carried out in a correct manner. Paper plates are used to cover glass plates in order to avoid them from any damage.

All our facilities are well equipped with the latest tools and techniques. All the phases of shifting from getting the quotes, getting approval from company, documentation and final unloading are delivered very smoothly. Our one-stop relocation platform also serves customers with warehousing facilities to store personal belongings. 

Our competency and professionalism provide fair solutions to customers. We follow the systematic approach according to the working model that suit the business needs accurately. All the related terms of moving, pricing, delivery and unloading, delivery schedule, customer liabilities, moving company responsibilities, insurance documentation, and claim process. 

Our success lies in the foundation of the best quality service and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We use smart techniques to cut down pollution and time. As home shifting is all about well-designed planning so our team does not initiate shifting without planning. For specialized electronics like home theater, water purifier or TV we provide special assistance. 

We help to make a list of items that are to be dispatched to a new home and discard the rest unwanted ones. Our team helps to inspect the basic infrastructure of the new house as well for customers assurance. We help customers to make them aware of the basic amenities nearby new home such as swimming pool, malls, temple, etc.