HomeShiftingWale strives their efforts to derive the best outcomes and results for customers after the move. We dedicate ourselves round the clock so that customers may enjoy services to the fullest. We embark and initiate our trustworthy services with long and detailed planning pre-move. To speed up the packing process, we prioritize and decide what rooms to pack last and unpack first. 

We help to maintain the excitement level of customers when shifting to a new house. A helpful guide is also provided to customers pre-move so that they may be aware of the whole shifting process. Our team disassembles heavy furniture very cleverly. We use handy telescope boxes will protect your mirrors and wall decor by adding full protection to the entire length of your belongings.

We use towels to wrap fragile items to add an extra layer of protection. For the washing machine, we use special handling and precautions by giving proper tips for washing it and drying it properly. We pack items according to the nature of the item. A successful and qualitative move is determined by the quality of packing services. 

Our inspection continues from the initial packing to the final delivery process of the consignment. We start early and packs strategically goods of customers. We help to create a pleasant environment during the shifting. As moving to a new house is quite an emotional moment as well especially for the one staying for a number of years. 

Our shifting experts make the packing process more organized and consistent by selecting the one room at a time. We clean the old place as the goods are out of the house and make it fresh. Our team checks the lights as well whether they are properly switched off or not to avoid electricity consumption. 

We also check whether all safety setups such as the smoke detector and the emergency exit are working properly in the new home. Our team ensures proper checking of lock and keys of the new home. We check all the digital features such as lighting control, security cameras, and temperature control are in proper working condition or not in a new home.