HomeShiftingWale forms a strong base structure for all the packing and moving needs of customers. During shifting some of the factors are common to occur like accidents, fire, riots, sabotage that may damage the goods. So all the documentation related tasks covering the insurance are done with full dedication and responsibility to recover the unexpected losses.

We use Standard Packing Materials like air bubble sheets, corrugated cartons, waterproof sheets, gunny cloth, cardboard cartons, thermocole sheets. All the fragile items are crafted properly after packing. To stock the consignment we also use the warehouse and storage which gives safety to goods. All the valuables are kept safe by our team in warehouses.

HomeShiftingWale rolls back the goods from the vehicle with intense care for unloading and rearranging back it at the new home. The Safe and Sound Transportation means is provided for transhipment of goods from one place to another. All our services are technically sound as well. To cut down the cost to a large extent we schedule the move in suitable days for customers. 

The unpacking of boxes is done by room to prevent constant back and forth trips around the house especially if there are stairs. We fill the pots and pans with the spices containers, dish towels and other kitchen items to save space. The knives during packing are kept in the old oven mitt to prevent injuries. We string electronic wires through paper towel rolls to avoid tangled messes. 

The door knobs are stringed with rubber bands to prevent them from getting locked. We put jewellery in egg cartons to avoid any knotting or twisting. During packing cotton balls are placed in the makeup boxes to avoid damage. The rubber bands are used to keep lids and pots together. For high-level protection, styrofoam plate is used between plates during packing.

Also, the box cutter is used to make a place for a handle for carrying the boxes easily. The items that are required immediately are packed in a clear plastic bin and is labelled as “open first” box-like hand soap or bedsheets. To Make the Shifting Hassle-Free we use a specialized set of techniques that results in qualitative output to customers.