HomeShiftingWale packs and moves the commodity with sincere care and move out of the toughest aspects on a moving day. As the long distance moving requires more detailed planning and strategies to avoid any possible loss on the way rather than the short distance moves. Our team trace all the upcoming risks and work out to mitigate those risks in a short time.

We use furniture sliders for preventing goods from scratches on the floor for incredible ease. Moving dollies are also used to tranship goods safer. As the shifting day is one of the special, unique, distinct days that can be remembered for the whole life. Our team successfully deal with changing circumstances and unanticipated events.

HomeShiftingWale also helps customers to know and confirm the shortest and optimal route to a new location for goods shipment. We pack the belongings by using color-coded packing tape to remove chaos in identifying goods while unpacking.  Convenient, practical and affordable, moving boxes are absolutely indispensable for the new house and they are availed according to the commodity size only.

We gratify the moving experience by staying focussed on the activities, rational plans and strong decisions regarding move and keep the sense of humor during moving day. Sound judgment and composed attitude of our team keep stress at bay and won’t allow small setbacks to ruin the moving day. Protective gloves are used by the team to protect hands. 

We double check all the premises including garage, basement so that nothing is left accidentally in the old home. Our professionals and expert shifters use various types of ropes and straps such as shoulder dolly, forearm forklift, elastic straps, ratchet straps, rope and twine for heavy furniture.

Our shifting team uses all the standard tools like measuring tape, flashlight, scissors, box cutter, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer that are used in case of some emergency as well. We check time to time whether all the things are going on according to predecided plan and if not then what certain course of action can be taken.