HomeShiftingWale assures customers about the reliability, safety, and affordability through their flexible terms and conditions. All our agreements regarding the move are negotiable with the customers. We ensure that all the utilities are ready in the new home to lead a normal and healthy life. So our packers and movers commit themselves to serve customers. 

We take a doorway and room measurements as well for ensuring the safety of furniture. The locks are changed for extra safety. We plan the layout for all the rooms so that goods may be properly arranged systematically. Our team also help to replace the old and shabby fittings in the new house to make it fresh. Our expert also gives tips for paint color in a new home.

We get all the issues fixed down by our team in the new home. As the new home requires extensive cleaning, repairs, repaintings, interior designing and much more so the customers taking the service already stress about all these things but our team does not give a chance of any complaint regarding packing and moving thereby reducing stress to a large level.

Our team makes a pre-move survey that helps to cut down the cost to a large extent and gives an accurate moving cost. Through negotiations, movers can reach the understanding straightaway. We eliminate the communication gaps as well to remove any misunderstanding that may create a problem later on a moving day. 

Through our successful coordination with the customers, we carry all activities very smoothly. The pre-move survey conducted before shifting day is a part of relocation only and is of free of cost. Taxes are also described properly by our team in order to clarify everything to customers as the taxes vary nation to nation or location to location.

We help our customers to get rid of unwanted things. The information by our team about all the utilities like electricity board, newspapers, milk, water, gas connection, the internet is also provided to customers. We check whether the furniture can be easily fitted to the doors while shifting it to a new home. We keep the furniture dimensions handy.