HomeShiftingWale offers a variety of add-on services of packaging to suit the needs of customers. We do not impose any restrictions or create ambiguity at any phase of shifting commodity. Our packing specialists are trained in the art of perfect packing. We overcome all shifting challenges by putting all-around efforts from the stage of packing of goods in the old home and unpacking goods in the new home with the help of professionals.

We never overpack the boxes as goods may be damaged easily. We use a smaller box for heavier items. Loading of goods is done in such a way so that unloading may be easy. We know in advance about the truck parking, apartment location, or about the limitations on the parking hours during unloading goods out from the truck. All the shifting standards and practices are met by our experts.

We use shifting boxes which are durable boxes and gives enough protection to protect your household goods. Bubble wrap used by our professional experts packs the fragile item like a mirror and glass item. Packing tape used by our team is of good quality that will give assurance to keep boxes intact and secured at any cost.

We use labels that make your unpacking task easy by knowing which box or item belongs to which area of the house. Labeling on boxes is done with the help of permanent marker outside one side of the box. The shrink wrap is a plastic protecting wrap used by the reliable moving solutions, which protect the furniture and another item from dust and stains.

Our smart and latest mobility solutions are streamlining shifting operations by reducing operational costs. Our company inculcates the latest technological trends to achieve better service and delivery standards in shifting and moving. We embark shifting process for our customers by our effective planning and self-explanatory strategies that drive functionalities.

Our customers approach high security through our security aspect of live tracking of goods from anywhere. We proactively interact with customers to know about their expectations. We are simplifying the business needs as well with our on-time services. All the consignment is checked by customers and after pre-move as well with our engaged shifting services.