HomeShiftingWale assures and relies on customers by mitigating all types of risks arising in shifting of consignment for relocation or for some business purpose. We accomplish all our shifting tasks with a keen interest in customers. We have assigned specialists for special items that are delicate and lighter ones. Every customer wants that their goods may not suffer any damage in pre-move.

We use laundry baskets, suitcases and large bags to make the most of space. Our professional team does logical packing room by room, we pack items first which are out of season. We avoid overloading of boxes in order to prevent damage. To fill empty spaces in boxes we use special tools and materials in order to utilize the space inside the box.

We cover furniture with the blankets for giving it full protection. Stacking of heavy items is not done at the top of glasses, mugs or cups. For packing washing machines and refrigerator we use special boxes. The move is organized for customers with checklists for all elements of moving, pages to help you plan dates, room layouts and more.

Our dedicated team uses a moving kit that includes packing tape, coloured paper, ruler, sharple, scissors, Stanely knife. For easy identification of boxes for the right room, we use color codes, such type of technique helps to identify boxes and room to which that particular one belongs. Our packing and unpacking processes are manageable.

If it is a valuable item then we do not write the label to protect it from theft. We roll up jewellery onto the bath towel, fold it up to prevent the necklace from being tangled. We sketch out a plan that is easily feasible and implementable as well. HomeShiftingWale ensures the safety of breakables by using socks and towels. We refine and improve results each time to increase productivity.

Our shifting team works on both side at the source as well as the destination. At the destination, the house is properly cleaned up and the position about the goods and items for placement is done. Also the expert packers team checks for damaged and missing items and verify checklist on reaching the destination.