HomeShiftingWale ensures all the safety parameters to transship goods and services from one location to another with trustworthiness and confidence. We assure customers with our fruitful services at each step and our apartment list file folder contains the details of each of the box. We label the room name as well over the box for easy identification. 

All the shifting services are delegated by move managers in such a way that is completed in a very short span of time. We use a systematic approach to stack and arrange kitchen items properly. We properly give weight-age to all options, and we also research well by comparing prices, size, gas consumption, and booking procedures and avail the best truck for customers. 

Our team helps to remove the psychological and emotional aspects of a move as they are common during a move. We assure that all the possessions must arrive safe and sound at the destination. Our team cut down and control the cost to a large degree for optimality and affordability. All the positive and negative aspects of pre-move and after-move are analyzed.

We do not consider the hidden cost and thus make shifting economical. Even we make effective planning for the move but we also check the quality of all the shifting activities ongoing during a move. We also communicate with customers and know about the concerns as well time to time if any faced during the move and we resolve that at the same time.

Our integrated logistics solutions help customers with effective packing techniques. Specialty boxes, packing peanuts, wrapping form, moving blankets, movers stretch wrap, cutters, scissors, high-quality packing tape, mattress bags are used to move goods safely. The packing itself plays a vital role in determining the success of the successful move. 

We make the shifting flexible with our latest updated technologies and GPS tracking system to track consignment in transit. We use vacuum bags, garbage bags, sealable bags to give high-level security to goods. We arrange, organize, pack the goods inside boxes in such a way that safety is not compromised anyhow. By efficient utilization of our team manpower, we win the heart of customers with a successful move at low cost.