Best Packers and Movers Services in Noida During Covid 19

Best Packers and Movers Services In Noida During Covid-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, not only impacted human lives but also decreased the growth in businesses. The implementation of lockdown in the country struck various industries that lead to their unexpected termination and fall out. The packers and movers industry was the most affected one due to this lockdown from Covid-19 in India. 

The sudden enforcement of the lockdown in the country abruptly halted the operations of packers and movers as their significant role is to help people shift from one location to another with their belongings and goods. Thus, people postponed their shifting plans as the government ordered strict regulations during the lockdown with no unnecessary movements and maintaining social distancing.

The shifting activity in Noida has also been impacted during Covid-19 as the area is quite busy with office, industrial, and corporate works. The risk of spreading the infection was quite distinguished in this location. Therefore, the packers and movers industry impacted in this area too. But, with the decrease in the number of cases daily, the work of packers and movers came on the track again. 

Though, some rules were still needed to be obeyed for safety. Such regulations offered the security of not just the team of packers and movers company but most importantly of the customers. Thus, we, HomeShiftingWale, have started rendering our customers with our packers and movers services in Noida with the strict following of all rules and regulations issued by the government for safety against this Covid-19 infection.

Precautions Taken By The Team
Apart from the safety measures taken by our team members, the customers should also follow them. It minimizes the chances of spreading the infection. Our team members have started following different measures and are training themselves after the spread of this Covid-19 for protection. 

Some of them are sanitization of shared surfaces, avoiding handshakes, using personal equipment, working six feet apart whenever possible during the move. The staff who shows any symptoms relating to Covid-19 infections are ordered to stay at their home. They are allowed to join back the work only after they bring their negative result of Covid-19. 

The move coordinators in our firm reach out to customers 72- and 24-hours in advance to check in as per our enhanced screening process. Our organization is also concerned with answering any last-minute questions and ask a series of health-related questions before the move to ensure everyone’s safety.

Measures Option Followed By The Customer
The customer should clean commonly touched items such as doorknobs, sinks, handles, windows, and others. They should allocate an area where the staff members could wash their hands and should maintain a six-foot distance from our members and drivers as they work. 

The customer should also disinfect furniture that is moved before the commencing of the shifting process. They should also assure that once the moving process is complete, the packaging materials are disposed of. The consumer should disinfect each belonging after the shifting is completed. The use of such items should start after it is ensured to be sanitized.

Conclusion: We, HomeShiftingWale, are the most reliable packers and movers in this pandemic. We assure that each of our assistance is fully secured as we follow each protocol issued by the government. Each member in our firm ensures safety from this coronavirus infection. Therefore, anyone in need of our services could contact or visit through our detail on the website.