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All the space inside is used with a science, so as to not waste any space, and properly uses it, so that the no. becomes realistic and there is no wastage.
The customers are required to just pay for the space, their goods occupy in the containers.
This step actually decreases the cost involved for sure.

Just in case the goods are more in number, the company would provide a container dedicated to you only.

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Pack all your personal items, with the most care and attention. We have faith in our team and we understand completely, that your house hold items are of great importance and we take the stress and the fuss on us, and make this relocation as lite as possible for you. We ship goods all over the globe.
It is not an easy task, moving into a new country with a new career or trade, and on top of that the worry and the hindrance of transporting your goods becomes an additional chaos.

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