HomeShiftingWale services shifts and packs all the consignment in a consolidated way. The systematic and properly managed packing done by our packers and movers absolutely guarantees the safety and high-level security of the goods to be transhipped. Customers sentiments are valued to the maximum level and every move is special according to us.

We associate ourselves with quality service providing and total customer satisfaction. We tailor our packaging service that best fit the timeline, budget, and belongings. Our team organizes packing with the help of easy-to-follow and downloadable packing checklists. With all the buzz that comes during shifting, the most important segment is the packing.

Our team carefully moves the table carefully, unscrew the legs, tape the legs together then tape the parts bag to the underside of the tabletop. We wrap all scratch-able furniture in protective padding. Tabletops, coffee tables, headboards, etc can all suffer from scratches so we protect them completely. Our realistic moving budget gives the affordability to our customers. 

All the belongings are decluttered so that lesser packing is required. A single room is tackled at a time to avoid any damage or confusion while unloading goods at the destination. Each room is given a different color packing label. The gaps in the moving boxes are filled up by the packing paper, clothing or foam peanuts to prevent shifting of items all-around during the move. 

The tape is used to close the bottom and top seams and around the edges where stress is concentrated in the moving boxes. As the clothing is the most time-consuming process of packing hence it may take more space in the truck if done unsystematically. So our team takes care of packing clothes very intelligently and clearly.

The things are repurposed like hampers, suitcases and laundry bins for storing clothes and household items. All the drawers and doors are removed very safely. Our team uses the wool string to open the boxes easily by placing a piece of wool string on the center of closed box flaps, leaving excess on its sides. So all the essential steps are carried out for safe packing and shifting.