HomeShiftingWale packs and moves the goods effectively by considering the distance of the move in advance. We assess the budget of customers and charge them efficiently. We are serving the logistics industry since long and deeply care about their exact requirements regarding the move. We ensure that the total number of items that are marked before the move are arrived safely at the destination and are in good condition. 

We also help our potential customers by replacing all the locks and inspect all the fire alarms to activate it for the safety point of view. We extremely devote ourself to customize the home in your way only and do not impose any restriction over customers during rearrangement of goods. Our team gives their efforts to the fullest until and unless the new home start looking livable. 

We help our customers to acclimatize in the new location and with new people. The purging of undesirable items is done very carefully along with sorting. We collect the packing material in the very right size and in the appropriate sum as well so that customers may enjoy our blissful shifting with the accomplishment of every shifting activity in a very considerate manner.

We use qualitative packaging material like adhesive tape, markers, bubble wraps, thermocol, sponge, wooden crates for packing goods. We put troublesome items on the base of the crate in order to guarantee the safety of goods. The spacious box is used to keep your attire and other accessories appropriately. We wrap delicate things with foams and cotton fabric. 

Our team secures the crates with tapes and boxes are fixed with the sealing tape at the top. The naming of boxes is done very carefully by our team in order to recognize them easily. Our team adopts a proper back posture while lifting heavy furniture items or boxes. A firm grip is used for carrying heavy furniture. Our team members keep a stable as well as a wide base with feet for flexible shifting. 

Right lifting techniques are used for moving heavy items by our experts and thus such useful techniques help to control the entire lifting operation. If it is heavy furniture our professionals push the furniture rather than pulling it which is a right method as it is scientifically stated that pushing items forward requires less force as compared to the force required for pulling the items backward.