Effective Tips for Safe Shifting in Covid 19 Pandemic Issue

The shifting of household, office, or corporate goods along with cars, bikes, or any other vehicles to a new location requires patience, time, budget, and most importantly safety. There are various packers and movers in the market who render their several services. They might be trained in this profession, but our members are the most experienced ones along with their training. They endeavor their most reputable service in shifting with complete surety and that too at the desired budget. But the safety precautions taken conventionally have taken a new turn with the spread of Coronavirus infection, and now every packers and movers are presenting their safe shifting processes from Covid-19.

Conventional Hygiene and Scheduling Process in Covid-19

While initiating the shifting process, there are prominent chances of getting exposed to the virus as touching goods would become frequent. There might be some unintentional physical contact between the moving team and the customer, and in such cases, sanitization is a must. The shifting team as well as the customer needs to wash their hands and sanitize them properly whenever possible. This frequent cleaning while the shifting process still goes on would diminish the risk of anyone getting infected with the Coronavirus. Not only the moving team should carry a hand sanitizer with them, but the customer should also have it with them for their safety. The team should also have their gloves and masks on during the whole process, and even if they had their gloves on, they should not deny washing their hands for 20 seconds accurately. Everyone engaged in the process should only touch their faces when they wash their hands and not after or before it. 

One of the significant rules of safety against Coronavirus has been broken when the moving process started, and that is to maintain social distance. The scheduling of moving time would offer the customer the number of people they come in contact with.  Some people still have the facility to work from the comfort of their houses while others need to be outside in search of work for their survival. Consequently, scheduling the move accordingly could be a considerable step by the customer to ensure their safety from coming in contact with other people and increasing the chance of getting infected. It is more preferable to avoid the busy time for those customers who have to shift from an apartment where the chances of coming in contact with neighbors in staircases, hallways, and elevators are high. After keeping these points in mind, the scheduling should also be done by the customers according to their convenience that might not alter their daily routine.

Covid-19 Pre-cautious During Packing And Moving Process

The customer should rely on buying fresh packaging boxes from a nearby store if they do not have them at their home. The ideal part for packaging in this pandemic would be with all packaging stuff that the customer has at their houses. This helps in saving them from getting any chances of being infected and even avoid the packaging materials from the Packers and Movers in Noida team. If no chances of packaging materials are available to the customer, they could depend on the packers and movers team after inspecting their safety measures. 

The team becomes liable for not just protecting themselves from the infection but also others by following all safety measures issued by the government. The team wears masks during the process, sanitizes their hands often, wash their hands whenever possible, and even suggests the customer maintain a safe distance from them for everyone's safety. They suggest to the consumer that they should be just one person present at the time when the team is packing or loading their goods. This ensures that the trust that the customer has in the team is not shattered while the protection rules are also followed.

The transportation used for carrying the goods of the customer to their new location is also sanitized and checked for all facilities that it provides. The driver that is hired for the transportation is also checked with the health issue and if found unhealthy in any manner, they are suggested to take rest while some other reliable one is hired. The team delivers the goods at the doorstep of the new location after sanitizing each good again as they had sanitized them before loading on the transportation. This ensures double safety of goods as well as the customer as this decreases the chances of their contact with the infection. The team even disinfect the frequently touched areas like doorknobs, railings, countertops, or others with some additional fee for further safety purposes.