How To Make Safe Shifting In Coronavirus Or Lockdown

During this pandemic issue Covid-19, the work schedule is affected and everyone stays at their home with the family. Everyone to change their mindset regarding any type of movement during Covid-19 but due to various reasons, they make a plan to move their household goods to the new location. With this pandemic issue, they make a plan properly and hire one of the best team who is liable and follows the complete Covid-19 guidelines. Before hiring anyone, they asked each and everything regarding the shifting process and safety way. We at, HomeShiftingWale Packers and Movers in Noida, is always implementing excellent packing and moving services to a great extent for safety during lockdown against coronavirus. All of them have become more cautious with their shifting process to safely complete the process without risking anyone’s life with the Covid-19 infection. This coronavirus infection had its impact globally affected every scope of life, business, education system, and everyday lifestyle of every human. Its impact on daily work is not going to subside anytime soon which forces everyone to continue their daily routine whatsoever.


Even though some of the states have started with unlocking processing, there are some of them still extending with their lockdowns due to the impact the virus has on that particular area. Thus, several precautions and safety rules need to be followed with utmost care for everyone's survival from the virus. Our team of HomeShiftingWale is providing our customers with safe shifting in lockdown against coronavirus infection.

Essential Precautions for Customers and Their Closed Ones

Mainly during the household shifting of goods, the packers and movers team might come in contact with the customer as well as their family members. Several measures should be followed by each of them to be safe from the virus. The customer should use hand sanitizers, wash their hands with soap and water more frequently, should use disinfectants and sanitizing sprays for cleansing purposes.

Each member should wear a mask and gloves when the Packers and Movers in Noida team reaches their house along with maintaining a safe distance of 2 gaz from them. Small kids and old family members should be avoided to come in contact with any of the team members for their safety purposes as they are more vulnerable. They should have a thermometer gun to check the packer and mover members’ temperature before letting them enter the house. The team should be provided with disposable hand towels and tissues by the customer for proper hygiene.

Ensure Safe Moving with Qualified Teams

The foremost quality that should be looked for in the team of packers and movers should be that they follow every guideline issued by the government. They should provide each detail that would ensure the customer how safe their moving processes are especially during the lockdown.

The customer should try to completer various procedures with the packers and movers digitally and clarifications should be done through phones, emails, or messages. A soft copy of documents like invoices, bills, agreements, or any other papers should be requested and the customer should prefer online payment options over cash. The packers and movers team should always wear their masks and gloves, should wash and sanitize their hands more often, should also disinfect or sanitize all goods before loading and after unloading.

Precautions during Transportation of Household Goods

The transportation person should have all documents related to the vehicle’s validation and also those documents that state that the goods that they carry are the essential goods. The documents should also claim that they follow every guideline issued by that particular state’s government in which they are transporting it.

The driver should have all legal documents and passes that are must for any movement during the lockdown and if the driver has someone in their company for support, then that person should also have all documents along with the pass. A letter from the company should be kept by the driver during transportation so that they would not get delayed in delivering the goods to the customer's new location if any authority questioned about it. The vehicle should also be properly sanitized before goods are loaded in it and even after goods are unloaded, full cleansing and sanitization should be done.