How to Move Household Goods in Covid 19 Pandemic issues

How to Move Household Goods in this Pandemic Issues (Covid-19)? 

The pandemic has added to the level of stress someone might have during the shifting of their household goods. The moving of household belongings from one location to another had been so stressful even though the professionals are involved. But the addition of this coronavirus pandemic has added to the stress level of the customer especially with the safety concerns involved not only of the goods damage but about the infection too. The customer follows every measure to be safe from the virus and avoid hiring those packers and movers who show any possibility of spreading the infection. Thus, we, HomeShiftingWale, render our customers safe household moving services without showing any possibility of the virus spread.

Best Way of Packing Process

The household moving process has started after the lockdown imposition has slowed down and the daily cases have lowered the charts. But the scarcity of packaging materials has raised as many people booked online for the household goods moving process. Thus, the customer could save themselves from such issues by asking their friends, relatives, or neighbors for boxes, newspapers, bubble wraps. This method can help save them from getting infected with the virus as with their packaging materials, the chances of them being infected are lesser in comparison to those brought from the market. 

But still, our team members sanitize each of the items and even the packaging materials without destroying them. This secures the goods from the infection within two layers and the team along with the customer gets safe from any chance of coming in contact with the virus. The start of the packing of goods should be from those items that are not for daily purpose use like decors, off-season items of clothing, frame photos, antique pieces, extra linens, and others. The kitchen wares, bedroom, bathroom goods could be packed as per the convenience of the customer as to which among they might prefer to be the most important for daily purposes.

Safest Way Moving Process

For the process of moving the goods to the new house location of the customer, the goods need to be loaded on the transportation. The transportation that is hired during this pandemic issue is sanitized to its every inch canceling any chance of the goods getting infected with the virus if any. The staff of the local house shifting service visits the customer's house to ensure that no one in the house is infected or sick at all. Even our team is tested for the virus before commencing the process and they get to the customer house with all required materials for everyone’s safety from the virus. 

The team members carry sanitizers, protective equipment, disinfectant, and paper towels. They load each item carefully on the transportation and even after loading the items, they sanitize the whole of it. It is also checked out whether the driver is infected or not before the process starts. Our team ensures that every family member wears a mask during the shifting process and maintains a distance from them. We also prefer it to be the best step for everyone‘s safety if just one person is present at the time of packing and loading all household goods.