Why Do We Need Professional Packers and Movers in this Pandemic Issue of Covid 19

Why Do We Need Professional Packers And Movers In This Pandemic Of Covid-19 Issue? 

Every Indian citizen has witnessed the havoc wrecked by the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown announced by the Prime Minister dealt a significant blow to businesses across industries. The severe impact of this pandemic and lockdown was perceived on packers and movers. During the first few months of the lockdown, the activities in the sector almost came to a grinding halt. 

Also, millions of people staying in rented accommodations found it wise to move their base back to their hometowns. It was made possible with the team of packers and movers as ours, HomeShiftingWale, as we continued to be one of the most organized industries. As this pandemic has not ended yet, the requirement of Professional Packers and Movers has increased as the safety issues have increased apart from other critical reasons.

With the existing Covid-19 orders, moving is considered essential in many cities due to the need to safely “shelter in place” in compliance. The moving of goods without any professional assistant in this pandemic forces everyone to be extra cautious in choosing the right way. But still, the chances of damage and exposure to the infection are higher. 

Therefore, the requirements for professionals help have increased much in this pandemic due to Covid-19. It is because we have specially trained teams to move the customers' goods with safety and with hygiene. We have implemented various measures to keep our customer's belongings safe from damage and exposure to the Covid-19 infection. Some of them could be discussed here:

Rescheduling or Postponing the Movement
Our team of packers and movers will be flexible during any uncertain times if the customer needs to reschedule their move due to any unavoidable circumstances. We always explain to our customers all policy details that include the deposit or refund policies in such situations. We try to accommodate our policies according to the beneficiary of the client. 

In this pandemic, the postponing in the moving process might arise due to some reason. This postponing does not affect the pricing of the whole packing and moving process as being Professional Packers and Movers in Noida. We do not charge any extra amount for it. Our team also verifies the area where the customer is shifting with their household or other belongings. It ensures that there are no chances of any exposure to this virus to anyone.

Packing & Moving with Safety Procedures: 
We offer our customers completely disposable wrapping products such as shrinkable wrap and furniture wrapping paper to control potential exposure. 

Our team even practices sanitization techniques to ensure that cartons are disinfected. If the customer wants to use cartons or even their packaging materials like bags and boxes present at home, we do not have a problem. 

This step of disinfected packaging materials helps in assured delivery of goods to the new location without any chances of anyone getting infected with Covid-19 infection. 

Arrangement for Best Loading & Unloading
Even after packing all belongings, we sanitize them before loading and after unloading. Such a crucial step avoids any chances of someone coming in contact with the virus. 

The professional team follows a procedure for unloading goods safely while maintaining a distance. It is carried out by one person being in the vehicle that transported the belongings. The second is just behind the truck and so on till the queue reaches inside the customer's new location. 

With this arrangement, the team passes each possession to each other without letting these goods touch the ground. Such a step even protects the floor from getting dirty with mud or dust from these goods. It helps in saving time for the process and sustaining security. 

Conclusion: For the safety of everyone, we perform screening of each staff, keep hand sanitizers in all trucks carrying the load, wears masks and gloves. Even the customer should maintain a safe distance from the packers and movers team while examining their steps. They should also wear masks, gloves, sanitizer, and should wash their hands whenever possible. 

The sanitization of both areas should be done before moving. If possible, every nook and corner should get sprayed with disinfectants before setting up. Most importantly, the safety zone of the area should be kept in mind before scheduling the move. If the new area has any case, the shifting should be postponed by the customer for everyone's safety. 

The most reliable part of packers and movers in this pandemic is that they offer the safest services. We never urge for any extra amount as we understand the condition each individual is in during such a situation.