HomeShiftingWale is fruitfully serving its customers by carefully inspecting all the moving boxes before move. All the preparations and planning regarding the move are done in advance. If any damaged item is found in the box, that particular item is noted down into the inventory list thus rectification can be done easily and instantly. 

We also help people in taking a reading after shifting into a new home. All the fundamental utilities are checked by the team in the new house and make them work. Our team also describe the escaping plans in case of fire and explain the steps taken to prevent in an emergency during a fire with the use of fire extinguishers. All essential tips are given by our team for safety.

Our team inspects the status of all the utilities whether they are connected properly or not and the home is secured against the unauthorized access. Tips regarding smoke detectors in the rooms for safety are also described by our team. Our team also checks the refrigerator and other electrical appliances whether they are working fine or not after the move. 

HomeShiftingWale takes care of cleaning the home after packing and unpacking as it leaves a lot of dust, garbage, dirt. Our professional cleaning services after unpacking gives the new home a refreshed look that it deserves. We explore the more standard methods for improving our shifting tasks. Different techniques are implemented by our team to lower down the moving expenses. 

We guide the movers and packers while loading the goods. All the important steps that need to be verified on the way by movers are listed on a paper and they are cross-checked during transit. Our team upgrades themselves with the latest tools and technologies. Competitive rates are also compared and estimated regarding the move by us and thus help is availed in terms of money to customers. 

The main point to be considered during a move is the use of tape for packaging the commodity, our team uses the rich quality tape for packing commodity into boxes. Change is the rule of life which is a universal fact and it has to be accepted by all so shifting to a new home is also a change in life. We adhere to all the shifting principles and laws.